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How to mount something properly without damaging the board

Hey folks,
does anybody have an idea how i can mount a case under my board for prototyping without drilling holes or damaging the board?

My plan is to 3d print a battery enclosure as prototype and later vacuum forming it. But for now i want to mount that prototype enclosure without damaging the board…

Ideas are appreciated!

Industrial strength velcro. It is super strong and you can just heat the adhesive off it afterwards to peel it off nicely.

Best option would be some good strong Velcro like the plastic stuff.

Did somebody tried the velcro from Hobbyking?

@lox897 @2-alex-2 @Michaelinvegas Thanks for the tip. I did not know that it can easily peeled of under heat.

I just got mine from Bunnings (equivalent of Home depot or lowes) here in Australia.

Most adhesives will peel better with a bit of heat. It melts the glue that holds them on.

It’s super strong and can handle the vibration because of its spongy nature…you can actually twist whatever it’s mounted to and it will come off pretty easy…that is…if you can twist it without breaking either part

Duct tape/Velcro for days. Another way to do it would be to make sure you know where you want the holes for your final enclosure, and use those for both prototype and final if you don’t plan on farther changing your design

I use the 3M VHB sticky pads that are used to hold go pro mounts.
been strong for years.


I just ordered twenty VHB pads, hopefully this works good :slight_smile:

Cant see why it wouldnt. Just make sure the surface is clean before you stick.