How to not slide out on dirty ground?

Basically I wipe out every fucking day because the ground I ride on is always covered in dirt and salt (college campus under construction all the time). Usually the asphalt treats me okay but the brick is impossible to ride on. Is there a way to not slip-and-slide every time there’s a patch of loose material?

I’m kinda worried that when I get it motorized with a good battery that it will be impossible to ride

Disclaimer: I’m not riding an esk8, its a long and narrow board with loose trucks but it has ABEC 11 90mm and most of the time I fall when pushing but it will still spin out when cruising in a straight line at 10mph on flat ground half the time

Back in fall I was using the same board on harder wheels and it was totally fine but the ground was always clean back then so its not the board or my style


Pneumatic wheels would probably solve your issues, but haven’t haven’t tried any on a board yet, so can’t say for sure.


I’d imagine so too, but I’m not ready for pneumos yet

You turn hard when you see clean, smooth pavement in front of you, and when you see or feel debris, you avoid leaning much and if you have to lean, you slow down.

Same strategy for water and ice.


Good point, it’ll probably work for now since there’s nobody around yet and I guess heavy foot traffic should clear the walkways eventually when they do come back

welp what if your stupid like me and your ride on salt and carve?

Then you can’t hold a pencil because you’re hands are ground beef…I do it too XD

It’s too fun to not carve whenever the path is clear(ish)

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my remote saved my hand and i only got my other hand slightly toasted.

Sand is very slippery yes and small gravel patches in corners are the bane of my existence. Just gotta slow down.

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not when i get my tb 110 :star_struck:


Since the contact areas are in the same spot and the durometer is the same, does it make a difference?

its frickin 110mm

I have a set of wheels that I can fit 3 of in that…why is it so huge

because i have big things. including wheels

I’d imagine they are like 3lbs a piece…its a solid brick of urathane

urathane dont piss off @b264


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Thats actually not that expensive…preorder sale?

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yep, and its 100$ with the dd, have you looked at the msrp?

Thats closer to what I expected…I want that DD drive now…but also not to be poor…

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