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How to notch your motor shaft for a pulley in under 2 minutes

f you have a dremel, a clamp, and a ziploc bag, you can notch your motor shaft for a drive pulley in under 2 minutes. this is a brand new set of NTM propdrives i got from hobbyking before they all went backordered. NTMs don’t come with keys, notches, ring clip gooves, or anything. IF you do it this way and leave a small lip at the end of the shaft, you most likely won’t lose your pulleys while riding if for some reason your grub screw or bolt starts to back out and your belt breaks. Without the lip you certainly stand a very good chance of losing it in the grass or dirt should the belt break.



Good stuff :+1:t2: @longhairedboy simple but super helpful

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awesome bro!.. it’s about time someone made this video!.. Now all the noobs can stop asking how it’s done… :smile:

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Nice! Simple and straightforward. Here I was using a hand file and a vice like a savage. I like your clamping setup and safety lip tip. Brilliant!

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i used a plastic clamp with soft pads to keep the motor from scratching, and only clamped the end cap of the motor because i was terrified of warping the can.

This method really is sooo simple. The clamp is about $5 at Lowes, i have a half dozen of them and use them for tying my decks down to a blanket covered saw horse when sanding, drilling, and cutting my decks. They won’t leave a mark on most things.

That’s good to know.

I used the motor mount that came with my sk3 and clamped that instead