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How to properly power a 3200W motor

I am planning out my first build and was looking at buying DIY’s 3200W motor. Would I be able to run this motor off a 6S battery or do I need to find a smaller motor?

You would be able to run it on 6s with no problems. You would just be getting half the fun running 6s😁

Thanks for the quick reply, i’m so new to all of this. So would a 12S battery only give more range, or would it also increase torque and speed?

Increase of top speed - yes.
Not more torque, but less amps for the same amount of torq (=cooler esc & battery)
as always please correct me if i’m wrong:)

If you will use the VESC you will able to pull max 1260W continuously on 6s.
you need 125A ESC to pull 3200 on 6s

can you tell me how you calculated that?

VESC 50A * 6s * 4.2V = 1260W
3200W / 6s * 4.2V = 126A

and 3200W will discharge space cell within 10 minutes
of course it doesn’t mean you will use 3200W even if you can, only if you go 50 mph or very steep hill, depends also on the control type

ahh, ok. So I plan to start out with a 6S battery (may upgrade to 12s down the road) and Enertion’s VESC. Do you have any motor recommendations? It sounds like the 3200W is overkill.

lol I bought 2700W motor and 8s battery and I can use only 1700W. still very powerful and i weigh 55kg.

I don’t know if what i’m saying is true so wait for the professionals for recommendations

Thanks so much, quick question, where did you get 4.2V from? I’m looking at two zippy 3S 5000mah 11V and I would put both in series. I believe that would be 22V

I think I saw chaka calculate at 4.2V. It is the max V on single cell Lipo.
btw why only 6s? you can get 12s for 100$. so you can get 2500W,only if you want, it is very powerful and not necessary depends on your weight and if you want to ride hills.

You can maybe buy the batteries even cheaper if you buy from them hobbyking.

The space cell has a 40A fuse as far as i know - so you can’t even use it in this case.

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you will get the max watt using the max voltage. And there is also max rpm, I think its 170kv for 12s (on v4 VESC).

Watts = voltage * amps

12s = 4.2v * 12 cells gives 50.2 volts
6s = 4.2v * 6 cells gives 25.2 volts

3200w = 50.2 * amps
Amps = 63.7 amps motor draw on 12s

3200w = 25.2 * amps
Amps = 126.7amps motor draw on 6s

You will want a 150a esc at least if you run at 6s. If at 12s then you can run 80a esc or lower. If you use the vesc you need to make sure the motor kv is below ~180 if you go with 12s.

Note that the amp draw numbers i gave are theoretical max, in reality it will never be this high but you always want to overspec when you run at such high amps and volts as we do.

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Is there an esc you would recomend for the 6S settup? Or should I just get a 12s settup?

keep in mind that if you use 12s it might be harder to charge

You can use a hobbywing ezrun if you want to build a single drive with a motor this large. The vesc is not going to give you that much wattage without overheating. The Hobbywing esc’s can handle a ton of throughput without overheating but the throttle is too snappy for some riders. It can be sketchy.

If you want a plush throttle curve you can use the vesc if you are only using burst currents but any continuous watt usage that high is going to trigger the over-temp cutoff.

You could use two of these motors and use the vesc without triggering the overheat function. You would have really high torque and excellent hill climbing but it would be expensive.

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I think you can use one big motor and two smaller controllers. What’s to stop someone from splitting the motor wires to 6 and using two escs?

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Will not work.
No sync between the controllers.

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What would they need to be in synch?i thought they could operate independently but overlapping their feeding to the motor.