How to push motor axel over? Kaly nyc build

Here is a video of my issue,

Let me know with any advice!

Looks like the can is loose too, gonna need to open it up and see what’s going on

So open up the motor take off the allen screws and peek inside?

Yep, by the looks of it, it should just come apart as soon as you unscrew it

Where exactly do I unscrew?

From the mount, first remove pulley

looks like you’re missing a circlip and perhaps grub screws for the motor shaft


Was the little grub screw, got it all sorted just pulled the pulley closer to the motor all all good!!

Got the AT Wheels on there now super sick!

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Uhhh, you might have fixed it, but your can is not suppose to move like that… You’ll have issues down the line unless you actually address the problem.