How to reinforce solder joint to withstand vibrations?

I’ve noticed that even good solder joints might come loose or break in a vibration heavy environment with our eboards riding in gravel, shitty streets and such so I would like to reinforce my battery solder joints. Does anyone know a good way to do it? Especially for such an important and heavy part like the battery. Ive already used kapton tape to reinforce and reduce stress on the joints but would like something even more heavy duty.

Can you be more specific with the type of connections you’re soldering? Covering the battery with some sort of dampening material should make a significant difference overall though as it’ll help to reduce the harshness of the vibrations

@michaelcpg 12 awg to nickel strip

I’ve had a bms charge lead break before, I added some hot glue on top and it’s held up fine since

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This, hotglue the gaps inetween battery and nickel until you feel Confident putting em in. Shrinkwrapping over terminals leaving the “sides” naked applies some pressure as well. Depends alot on how you’re wiring the battery ofc

I’m afraid the heat from discharging will melt the hot glue, so I haven’t done it

I don’t think that it will melt, hot glue guns operate at 120 degrees. If your battery gets that hot something is definitely wrong


Oh, I thought the melting point was lower, thanks for the tip, I’ll use that to dampen the vibrations.

It would be slightly lower but I don’t think the cells should get hot enough to melt the glue