How to remove thread locked pulley on motor?

guys I have a little problem regarding some pulleys i have thread locked on the motors, now I can’t remove the motors and use my mounts it’s annoying. The thread lock is really strong What should I do ? do you think some heat will be enough to remove the puley ?

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Blow torch and gear puller…I used a steering wheel puller with some success, lol

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Heat will be enough. I use a super hot air gun with fine nozzle.

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whatever you do do not and i repeat do not use the red threadlocker. its permanent and will strip any screw you try to get out. i have had experience :wink:

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I only have a hair dryer will it be enough ?

No. Can you get your hands on a gas torch?

probably not without holding it there for a long time

For screws I generakky use blue trhead lock it’s great. I have some red thread lock as well so I shouldn’t use this one ? The thread lock i used for the pulley was green and apparently very strong

Blue and red are not enough to use for pulley right ? it’s only medium strenght

blue should be fine if you have like 2 set screws on pulley. do not use red unless you plan on never ever taking out the screw

BOOM! :anger_right:

try the link it even has pictures :slight_smile:

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ive used both blue and red. blue is very strong but not permanent so with a bit of force i could get a screw out of blue threadlocker without stripping it. not red

gas torch I have one in my kitchen !

I have no screws on the pulleys that’s why i had to buy and use thread lock on the first place. Normaly I use a keylock but there’s not any on the shaft of APS motors… I had to change all my drive train just because of this ( and the 1 cm bore instead of the usual 8 mm I wish I had double checked )

thanks ! 10char

in that case i would recommend trying to drill and tap 2 holes and using some set screws.

you don’t need set screws, in fact they will be the weak point if you use them…

thread locker and you are good to go!


yeah thread lock is good except when you need to change the mounts :stuck_out_tongue: i ve been stuck on this one for a long time

i currently use 3 set screws without threadlocker on my pulley and it doesnt move.

Propane blowtorch is the only way I have been able to get my blue thread-locked screws out