How to secure/lock up your board for safe storage in public areas?

What do you guys do with your boards if you can’t bring them into a certain place? I have skateboard locking racks around campus but might be too thick. Are there any good ways to lock it to a bike rack or something?

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I won’t even bother locking them unattended. Put it in a big and just bring it along.

I bring mine with me. I made some hooks that hang it on the side of my desk.

I was concerned about this too This was the best thing I could find Won’t deter someone with tools but prevents any casual passers by form walking off with it

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Leaving normal board is fine, but not 1k++ eboard.
Even if the person doesn’t determine or can’t steal it, they can just break it into pieces or might as well steal them in pieces leaving you with a plain board and nothing else.


Do not forget vadalism… Sad but true

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yeah, i walk mine in too. Grocery store, mall, doctor’s office, whatever. Its coming with me. I can barely stand to leave it in a locked car for more than 5 minutes.

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Same here, just knowing it’s in my locked car makes me cringe. That cable honestly would do nothing. It looks so easy to steal still. There is no way to lock a skateboard up. However, the beauty of a skateboard is that you can bring them almost anywheres. I’ve personally never had any issue. The only possible way to lock them would be in a large enough locker.

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Looks :eyes: like suck it up and take it with you … Who knows someone may ask you to make one for them :+1:t2::zap:

This sounds like the perfect situation for that board that folds in half and goes in a backpack.

Someone should hack a DIY board and make a sexy two piece out of it.

Like the others mentioned I take it with me. If carrying it isn’t feasible, you can get a grab handle. Sometimes I just drag it by the front truck behind me. I’ve been looking into skate packs that can hold it, for times when I need to walk longer or want my hands to be free. If i know the folks at the store (my local hardware store sees me every week at least) they might let me stash it behind a counter.

Like @laurnts said, not leaving an expensive PEV outside to be messed with!

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Has anyone tried to lock his board using the ‘‘hole’’ for the handle?

Seems better than just attach a chain around the trucks…

As someone would either have to break the board or cut the lock / chain to get the board… unscrewing the truck screws does not seem to be a very hard task for someone determined to get at least something out of your precious gem…

I have thought about electronic motion alarm, let’s say if someone moves the board, the alarm goes off. Although I have not searched for any available products in this category yet.

Alarm might solve the situation, where someone would spot your expensive battery pack or your motor and would try to dismantle it. Otherwise not entirely sure what good way there is, to secure the components, so someone who finds them attractive would not try to take them away.

Just wire up a remote switch that will connect two shorted wires in the lipo battery. When you come out and find your board has been stolen, send the signal to start the fireworks. Kind of like exploding ink packs when you rob a bank. That’ll show 'em. :laughing:

Man, I hate thieves.


If it’s in your locked car, don’t forget your :point_down: and put it over it


@Nordle Well, that might be also be an idea for outdoor locking… just cover it, so not everyone has a clue what exactly that is… although, not sure how well this might work :slight_frown:

@Mobutusan then it should be designed not to damage other components! In case you do recover your board afterwards! Someone should measure how much time it takes before it goes off! :smiley:

When I read on this forum that some bastard stole a board from locked car parked in a closed parking lot or similar, then I started to take this matter more seriously.

I hate to leave any of my boards outside electronic or not…

It comes in the bars and restaurants with me

I have been working on a design that would make an easy way to attach to backpack similar to this only instead it would attach at a hanger by the trucks, idk about using velcro, no wonder the kickstarter failed…

God I hate the awkwardness of trying to walk around or hold stuff with an esk8 in hand.

It gets people out of my way… So depends on how you carry it :wink:

I think the worst aspect is getting dirty when you pick it up…

If you could solve that problem :wink: You may have something