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How to tell if wheels fit the trucks?

Hi guys, I was hoping if anyone can tell me how I would be able to find out if theses wheels would fit Caliber Trucks?

They come with 12mm bearings. Standard skate trucks have 8mm spindles.
So, it will depend on the outside race dia. You will need to ask the seller to measure the outs dia. of the bearings.
If they are 22mm outside dia., Then you can replace the 12mm bearings with standard skate bearings which are 8mm x 22mm.

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Oh I see! thank you!

@Namasaki is right, and Trampa sells bearings that can adapt various axel diameters with various outside race diameters, just be aware that an 8 inch wheel on a regular truck might be prone to wheelbite.

Oh, wait, I didn’t realize that those tires are 8" dia.
I think that’s way too big because of wheel bite and also because of gear ratio.
I think you need to stay 5" or less on tire dia.

I understand. Ive been having such a hard time finding pneumatic wheels under 5 inches. Would you ever recommend mounting a motor to a mountain board?

5" is standard for pneumatics.
I would not recommend hub motors for a mountain board or any board with 5" wheels.
My reason is that Hub motors have 1:1 gear ratio
And draw a lot more amps than a belt drive with equivalent wattage. Yes, I own both and have done road tests with 3" hard wheels.
I wouldn’t even think of putting 5" wheels on my hubs.

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ya I was thinking of belt drive… I live in a dorm so i barely have any tools. I just came from Nepal so I dont know anyone who would have tools, plus I am on a low budget. Is the a motor mount that would fit on mountain board trucks? (so I dont need to weld or drill holes) what did you use?

Ok, good question. I really don’t know. I have only built street setups. Without any tools, it would be difficult to build any type of Diy board. Since you live in a dorm and don’t have access to tools, you would probably be better off buying a pre-built board. Honestly, you could probably buy a used one cheaper than you could build a new one. Check or or you might be able to buy one from one of the members on this forum. Here’s one example. On Craigslist