How to unspot weld..?

Hey guys, I have pulled a few quick triggers “on the spot” and bought this battery. It’s a square pack with 48 batteries made into a 12s4p pack, from the picture I’m guessing it is in 6x8 configuration making 4 packs of 12 and I would like to make it into a 4 flat packs of 12 batteries, since I would only need to connect 4 packs, instead of all 48 batteries, could I connect them with 10 or 12g wire? I’don’t have a spot welder, so I only could do soldering.

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What is the easiest way to make this into a flat pack of height of 2 batteries??

As @Nordle said… pliers and brute force…

Personally I’d try and split the pack into 12 x 4p packs by cutting the copper(?) plate where necessary, if that’s possible.

In theory yes, but atm my only option would be soldering, and not spot welding, so I’m not sure how safe that would be. And I think I would try to go for 2 lines of 24 batteries in each, of height of 2 batteries.

Ok. I was thinking it would be easier to cut the copper rather than pull apart 96 spot welded joints. You would then only have to solder each 2x2 4p pack for the series connections, rather than soldering each cell individually.

Of course, it’s difficult to tell from pictures whether cutting the copper plate would be possible without damaging the pack.

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