How to update the vesc firmware

Which one do I pick to update to 4.12

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default default default

ok thank you but i keep getting “buffer erase timeout”

it might not have bootloader

does my vesc need to be connected to update the firmware

if vesc don’t have bootloader u need ST LINK. or if u have beta bldc tool u can use that. which I don’t know where to get

and u need to connect vesc first of course

i tried connecting the vesc and i upload the firmware and it gets to 100% and then it just disconnects fom the vesc and it doesnt end up updating.

yeap looks like urs don’t have bootloader. is it chinesium vesc?

So after it disconnects, and you reconnect to bldc tool. What FW does it say it has?

Yes, that’s the main question. If the FW stays the same as before I welcome you to the angry maytech family :joy: VESC Tool should be released very soon and uploading the bootloader is just one click, I did it with my smescs 4.12 (shitty maytech esc) without problems.


It still says 2.18 after I reconnect it. So should I download boot loader and if so how do I do that??

And my vesc is from enertion.

u sure updating to higher ver? beside if it’s focbox why r u updating? it works fine out of the box

AFAIK only the maytech have missing bootloader, so this shouldn’t be a problem in your case. I guess you wanted to update to FW 2.54, right?

Anyone know where to get the beta tool from?I have amongst my vesc collection a couple of Maytechs for a project I’m still getting around to

VESC Tool should be released soon :wink: (only available for VESC 6 beta users so far)

i wanted to update to 4.12. i have the firmware but as i said it completes the update but then it automatically disconnects and when i reconnect it, its still at 2.18.

4.12 is the HW version.(hardware) 2.18 is FW version. And 2.18 should be the latest version afaik

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so how do i update to 4.12. thats what my vesc is supposed to be and how would i check what hardware version it is??