How to upgrade firmware on FOCBOX?

I’m not sure how I update the firmware on a FOCBOX?

How do I know what hardware version I have?

Where can I download the firmware?

Vesc tool Connect Firmware tab Update

Can’t I use the bldc tool?

Modded version (Bluetooth)

Here might help!

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To update the firmware you can downloadd the latest Vesctool here. From there it’s pretty straight forward. Hardware version 4.12

So in other words all FOCBOXes are using hardware version 4.12? Always?

Sorry man, i was talking bullshit! You only need the latest Vesctool to install the bootloader without st-link! The Focboxes are based on the 4.12 Hardware but have some improved components. The compatible firmware is for hardware version 4.12. Watch the videos linked above and you will be fine.

Yes, sure you can. I’m using 2 Focbox in a dual build, running firmware 2.54 and using BLDC-Tool to configure.

Okay, this seems like a good choice. Especially the remote drop out safety thingy. So how do I install this? With the Vesc Tool?

There’s a link there for you to download (its same as vesc tool but modded)

Oh okay, so Ackmaniack’s mod is not a firmware, it’s a tool. Am I getting this correctly?

Yup! Its a tool with firm already