How to use a bms

i have a 10s lipo battery what would i need to charge it. and if its a bms how do i use it?

Umm search it on here?

i did im a beginner and theres nothing can you just reccomend a bms and a charger.

would this work without a bms

First link that pops up

Dear dg798… Allow me to give you an advice. It seems your time is just too precious to waste on reading guides and using google so you open a thread for every single doubt you have. Please stop doing that and spend a few minutes self learning. Thank you.

Dude. You already had an open thread asking this and I told you to search the forum and I would answer in the morning

Chill a bit

That brick could work as it outputs 42v which is what I told you, you will need. But you will not be balancing the cells while charging. There are approximately 347 (yeah, totally random number but close enough) discussions in this forum about what a bms does, how to wire it both with and without discharge protection and wether a bms is at all necessary or not. Have a look, you’ll have fun.

Btw. Disclaimer. It looks like you don’t know much about this stuff in general as you say[quote=“dg798, post:3, topic:29162”] i did im a beginner [/quote]

So I honestly would recommend you read a sh*t ton of the posts that are here before you attempt to buy a recommended bms and diy fit it yourself. For your own safety honestly

Edit: added the * in shit. Didn’t want to alarm anybody

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