How to use this old LiPos on my board?

So today i got 5 of this old LiPo’s from a friend. (One just looks like it ate too much so i will not use that one :D) I want to use them on my board bc at the moment i wait for my space cell 4 for my first build but i cant wait and just want to ride^^. I got 4 NiMH but they are rly rly old and just need for ever to charge… Now the Problem with them is they arent all at the same Volt… (10.51v, 10.7v, 10.93v, 11.03v) and i only got this crappy 2/3s charger :confused:

How can i balance them all to the same Volt and still charge them with that charger?

3s/11,1v 2250mah 35c normal discharge charge at 1-3c (max 10c)

Sry for bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

The cheapest is to get a 4.2v charger, and charge at low amps (<1.5) cell by cell through the balance cable.

I was balancing some cells today using a regulated power supply. But those guys can be pricey.

You need a multi meter also or some way of reading the voltage of the cells.

As i said, they are all the exact same lipos but the volt isnt the same. (Tested them with Multimeter) I did some research and found a video where a guy balance them with connecting the balancer in parallel and charge them. Is that possible with my charger? I think every lipo should then charge with 2,77v (or am i wrong?)