How to wire 6S3P JST-Connector

Hey guys, I want to build a 6S3P battery pack and have found this image:

But instead of a BMS I want to use a Imax Charger. I have 6S JST connectors, but they have 7 pins instead of 6 as in the image. How would I need to wire this up?

6s batteries have 7 pin JST-XH balance plug. First pin (well pin 0) is what you see labeled as B- on the image.

Thanks for your response! So I can just shift every pin starting with B- and I am good?

Like this:

Exactly. That is the standard pinout for a 6s balance plug.

First wire goes to main negative. The rest to positive. Last wire is usually red and goes to main positive. I used a balance wire in this video: