How to wire an XLR plug?

I bought an XLR socket to mount on my board as I already had a 10S charger with the same plug and wanted to re-use it. Now I am a bit puzzled with this socket as it has three pins numbered from 1 to 3. How do you connect the two wires from the battery to the socket?

What BMS are you using? You probably only have to use 2 of the prongs

One will be positive, one negative, the third is probably ground. However you’ll probably only use 2, positive & negative.

You need to look at your charger brick, it should tell you which pins are what. Otherwise turn it on and use a multimeter to find out…

That’s probably what i will end up doing, but I was still hoping there would be a magic order that would give me the solution without having to dismantle the male part :fearful:

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if you’re using a charger, commonly known as an ebike charger which comes with this type of plug, then “2 is blue” because the blue wire is negative. How the BMS is wired in will of course determine which wire you need to do what with on the connector, however…

2 is negative, 1 is positive, 3 is empty.

I can’t speak for other chargers, but this is how the ones i use come wired, and i use these plugs.

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Can’t you just place the probes of the multi-meter on the pins in the end socket to check?


Yea you can check the pins with a multimeter. I noticed in some online diagrams things are switched around. So definitely check what the manufacturer of your power brick is stating.