How to wire battery indicator/voltmeter

I just want to make sure before i blow something up :joy: Do I wire the voltmeter in parallel with the ESC like so?

Will post more pic later as a build :slight_smile:


As long as your volt meter can handle the voltage some do some don’t without extra parts

Sorry for opening up an old thread but when i tried to do this, it just sparks.(i soldered the battery indicator and the esc together to a 4mm banana jack)

Its better to put the volt meter just after the battery pack, before everything else. If you are using the typical DROK DC8 volt meter, its really simple, just POS to POS, NEG to NEG.

You might need an anti spark switch. Or use xt90-S in place of the banana Jack

I’ve always wondered how you set the voltmeters config. How does it know when 100% is 100%? Is there a button to set it for the specific voltage?

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On the Droks there is a button, or 2 buttons, on the back. You hold the bottom button down as you power it up and set the type and number of cells. When you power it up normally it measures available voltage against peak capacity to define a percentage. I, personally, like the meter that are settable to voltage instead of percentage.


Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I’m really confused by this. If I connect the voltmeter directly to the battery with + to + and - to -, won’t just all the current from the battery run straight into the voltmeter and blow it up? I highly doubt that this tiny little thing with 26 AWG wires can handle 54v 100A or whatever the battery puts out.

Please correct me since I’m probably wrong here, but I just don’t get how this would work.

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it won’t, the voltmeter has its own resistance and will only draw what it needs.

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Oh of course. You’re absolutely right. :man_facepalming: Thanks.

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