How to wire Dual VESC with just 2 Caps

Hi Everyone.

I am thinking about my new board, and i would like to know how to wire up 2 ESC. I know how to wire them through the direct connection from other threads.

But what capacitors should i use? I guess in theory could just 2x (double size of the ones on a single VESC) But i dont know how many Uf they are

Can someone help me with the uF for a standard VESC and if doubling the uF would work the same way with then only 2 Caps?

I found this great board design for 2 VESC’s

I found that each Maytech VESC has 3x 680uF Caps.

Can i then use 2x 2200uF? like these?

There is also theese

Yes you can do 2x 2200uF in parallel, but aliexpress may not be a good source of components. The caps are under fair bit of stress so maybe go for a more reliable source. But in theory the answer is yes 2200 in parallel will do just fine unless you are doing some crazy long battery wires.

What would be a better supplier in europe ?

Where exactly? Uk area farnell germany area probably TME

EDIT: Farnell is your best bet most probably though, they have a lot of components and shipping is just 4,9€ or something like that so pretty decent

Thoose are good bets i will look at those i live in denmark so just between UK and DE

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