How to wire my BDUAV 6384-120kv motor

I’m new to brushless motors. I’ve purchased a BDUAV 6384-120kv brushless sensored motor (, It arrived without documentation, schematics, or a wiring diagram - so I’m at a loss as to how to wire it to a controller board.

It has three large wires colored red, black, and blue. 5 smaller wires attached to a Berg connector (red, yellow, white, orange, black - in that order)

I’m not sure which wires are the A, B, C; which are power/sensors, or what controller board I could use. I don’t need a remote, just a controller board with an on/off and a potentiometer-style speed (voltage) control.

If anyone can offer advice, or link me to a wiring diagram - that would be greatly appreciated.

The 3 big wires are the power you plug it to the 3 big wires on the ESC if you have a VESC you can change the direction directly in the VESC tool. the smaller wires are the sensor wires(not really necessary to run the motor but it’s better). It looks like a flipsky motor or a copy of one. for a VESC i would recommend either a flipsky or a focbox as i don’t really know any other VESC company and flipsky has an accessory to monitor speed battery level and whatnot

Hi joshoujoe,

Thanks for the response. This was my thought as well, based on this … … but I thought this wiring was only for non-sensed motors (if I’m wrong about that, please correct me.) In the vid, he implies that the three wires go into the ESC and are individually powered for the rotors - and the Berg connector can just be ignored.

The seller did respond to an email with this image…

…showing a positive and negative power on the Berg. And it lists the A, B, C as living on the berg too. He didn’t discuss what the three big wires at all, he just sent the wireouts for the Berg connector.

Sorry for (still) being so confused :slight_smile: But thanks again for the help!

so the 3 big wires connect tot the 3 other big wires from your ESC

if you have a cheap ESC your 3 big motor wires will most likely be 3 different color it doesn’t matter wich way you plug it in. but the sensor wires can infact be ignored.

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