How would I take broken hex bit out?

I broke 1 set screw of motor pulley out of 2.

it stuck with broken hex wrench tip. tried magnet already but no good. since it is blocked by the hex wrench drill don’t work. I need like a carbide drill bit which is expensive.

Working fine for now but a little worried.

any solution or buy new?

I would buy the drill bit (about 3-4€ max). Im not aware of any other way… :confused:

I used this method but it was a M6 which was easier because it was bigger, maybe you will be able to find such a thing for whatever size the setscrew is.

Remove pulley from shaft and drill out the set screw with a smaller drill than the screw.

I will try the remover. just drill bit won’t work I already tried. hex wrench is covering the set screw, and the wrench is titanium alloy so it doesn’t get drill easy.

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Do you have the pulley of the motor? I assume you dont since you mentioned that it works but just to make sure.

yeah I do, the pulley has 2 set screw hole and 1 is clogged with the screw+broken wrench tip. but i havent seen the remover with 2.0 size hex.

That is good, you can try to heat the pulley up and drill the screw inside so that it falls out through the inner hole. The heating up should help to loosen it a bit, the steel should ,as far as I know ,expand more than the titanium alloy.

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I had the same thing happen to me the other day on one of the screws holding the motor and got the bit out with a hard drive magnet

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I don’t see a problem here. Other than not adhering to torque specs.

Somebody asked you if the pulley is off of the motor and you replied that it was, Is that correct?

If that’s the case, just grind the nub of the setscrew off with a Dremel from the inside, then drill a new hole, tap it and put a new setscrew in.

yeah I’m afraid it stick really well. drill bit is grinded against tiatanium and I couldnt find tiny remover either it just too deep. I better off making a new hole and tap it. Thanks for input everyone!

The tip of the hex key broke off? Dab if superglue on end of broken key and try to reattach to pull out?

the tip is busted into pieces tried already tnx tho., I fixed it by heating up hot. Thanks everyone, as always you guys :love_you_gesture: