How would you like your battery packs

Simply trying to figure out what cells you’d want if you ordered a battery, whatever wins is the brand I will be using for my standard packs [poll type=regular]

  • 30q
  • 25r
  • Hg2
  • He4
  • He2 [/poll]

What about sanyo 20700a?

Why hasn’t someone put wheels and a motor on one of these yet… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Can’t edit it anymore

Samsung 30T’s also a great choice, but not available yet it seems.

Already been done :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha ill add when they are

Looks like 30q is winning so I’ll end up placing that order tonight, I’ll be posting up the official specs and prices of my batteries within the next couple weeks, he whole buisness is being rebranded

I ordered 200x 30Q’s and it’s been like 3 weeks and i’m still waiting for my cells, nkon seems to have stopped replying to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahhh I like imr quite a bit more

It was hard to beat $3.30/cell

Hahaha true I didn’t read their reviews

I can’t even get even get on their site

yea seems to be down

I tried SANYO 20700B. Its incredible.

isn’t that the upgrade your offering to your buyers

it is. i dont know difference between 20700a and 20700b.

Yea hey man I’m just listening to the people if one of the mods can edit it for me I’d be happy to add the option

20700a is 3000mah with 40a discharge

Seems like a much higher price for the discharge, I can see these being used for smaller packs though, hmm I’m looking through the discharge charts and they look pretty good are these from the gigafactory?