How would you remove these screws that just wont come out

I am trying to remove these security Torx screws from the hub I got in order to identify the hall sensors inside of it, which don’t get recognized by my VESC. But the screws are somewhat glued to the wheels and just wont come out. Applied a lot of pressure with an electric screwdriver with no luck. Any ideas?

break out the good ol elbow grease

Are you using a Focbox? The sensor labels are wrong on that one

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You probably need to heat them, they must be holding on with some locktite.

But maybe you could post some picture of your connector, and tell us a little bit more about your motor, maybe we could help your figure out the sensor order


Its this no-brand motor/controller kit from China. The hall sensor is the white connector you see on the picture. It works fine with the original setup. But with the VESC its either one of these:

  • Original cable connection makes VESC not turn on

  • Inversed cable connection I made still fails the hall sensor detection both on BLDC and FOC modes.

If you striped them th only thing you can do is to drill em out. Looks like m4 screws right? Use a 3mm drill