How you get the new maytech remote ...binding

@longhairedboy anyone else use this newer one from maytech? looks good.

it’s pretty snazzy, use it myself

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howd you bind? cant find instructions

comes pre bound


maybe the throttle has to be calibrated? but I get no movement whatever I do with the remote. but green solid light with the solid blue and the solid red on the reciever

I have it, just plug it in and it started working

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@Hummie yeah sometimes they don’t bind automagically or sometimes you smash your hand unit and need to bind a spare with the receiver because who wants to take the whole damned board apart again.

Turn the board off and the remote off.

Hold down the remote’s power button until you lose your patience, and just after you start swearing the lights will all start flashing. When that happens, turn the board back on. The receiver will now bind with the remote and you should be good to go.

SOOOOO Much easier than the steeze.


Ive gotten both this one and my old mini to seemingly be bound but no movement from my tires and no action on the live data part on the focbox if anyone has a possible solution.

I’m in the process of programming my vesc’s right now and my remote seems to have disconnected as well. Tried a bunch of different things but no luck.

Edit: just got it to work, I re programmed my vesc and changed to ppm for the controller and now it’s working

I’m bummed on this remote. the reception isn’t so good and the throttle and brake aren’t as variable as the mini-trigger I find

I’ve got the maytech dual esc and maytech v2 remote. However I want to bind a new remote as maytech remote keeps sticking when I brake and go full throttle. Very dangerous! Do you know how I can bind/pair my old wowgo or meepo remotes as I love those. Simple and reliable. Thanks

May be this is because they want to make the remote waterproof, so that you can use it for eFoils as well?