Hoyt Puck Remote Group Buy [ENDED]

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen!

Here is the official Group Buy on those super sexy Hoyt remotes.

I got one of these right away when they first came out as I haven’t been satisfied with any of the common thumb controlled remotes on the market, and boy I am glad I did!

Right away you notice that this isn’t a generic rebranded product. It is made from CNC’d Bamboo and has a circular array of LED indicator lights. Everything feels great in the hand. The thumb wheel is a piece of aluminium instead of dinky plastic and has little to no slop and a good amount of throw for people on more powerful builds to better control speed.

The remote has 3 different speed modes. You need to do the PPM settings in the third (fastest) mode and the other modes will fall into place accordingly. Also a nice touch is that changing between modes gives a distinct vibration so that it is easier to tell what mode you are in while riding in louder city conditions (versus just some quiet beeps).

The remote is also easy to switch the throttle direction for any of you lefties out there.

As far as connectivity, it has been great. The range is insane and I have experienced 0 dropouts even in high traffic areas that have given most other remotes issues.

Some people have asked why this remote is so pricey, I honestly thought the same thing at first… until I used it.

I would say this is the first truly premium remote and I encourage you guys to give it a go.



As you can see on my remote, Hoyt engraved it with my avatar name, SENDER. This might not be a big deal to many, but i think it is awesome. There is no limit in characters (within reason) the font will just be smaller if you go for more.

Just imagine, nicknames, build names, personal mantras, or hell, maybe even the lyrics to your favorite Nickelback song.

I am going with my next build thread name, but that’s just me. Personalized engraving will be a $15 fee. Monies well spent.

So here is how this is going down unless something changes:

The price on these is $189 on the Hoyt site right now.

Here for the group buy, they are giving them to us for $149 shipped within the US.

DISCOUNT CODE (without engraving):


(+ $15 for custom engraving, how can you not?!?).

DISCOUNT CODE (with engraving):


In order to let them know what you want engraved on your remote send an email to [email protected] with PUCK REMOTE ENGRAVING in the subject and tell them your order # and what you want!

As far as international interest, they are holding off for now, but PM me and I can see what I can do.




IMG_20181006_130920_1538849491530 IMG_20181006_130930_1538849524829 IMG_20181006_130947_1538849563925 IMG_20181006_131009_1538849650795 IMG_20181006_130957_1538849608293 IMG_20181006_130947_1538849563925


BTW, I am not affiliated with Hoyt; they just have some awesome products and I wanted more people to be able to get in on this!

TL;DR: Too bad.


Well puck me sideways. My wallet is calling to me.


Hoyt should use that :slight_smile:


Puck It…I am in…order complete. Hope to Puck they have capacity and this will not take to long. Thanks @Sender for working this out and have a Pucking nice day :smiley:


Thanks mate! Got one. I’ll report back which one is better between this and the photon


You pucking guys…


Pucking PHINALLY!! A worthy remote for all my Nickelback themed builds. It was only a matter of time, I guess. Yayahh! :rofl:


@Sender to we have any kind of time frame on this?

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"Leader of man "one and only good nickleback songs…lol…and I’m Canadian …not many actually like him here we’ll at least admit it …

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Got mineS :grin:


I’m pming you…I have to get one at least…my dad has a place in Florida he will be leaving canada soon with the flock of snow birds…maybe I can set something up with him and maybe this falls in the right time frame to be shipped there …


No timeline yet. As soon as I know something, I will let everybody know.


Pls forgive my ignorance but What are the led indicator lights for?

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Okay. My esk8 wallet is kinda thin atm. Really want one but i didn’t plan ahead very well.

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Thanks for setting this up! I just grabbed one


Its cool for one thing. But the can be turned on and off. There is also a “lock mode” that turns them blue. And if there is any connection issue or the board is off they are red. It is also the charge indicator lights as well.


Got my order in! Good way to start a Friday. Thanks Sender and Hoyt.


Ah. Ok. Thanks for the info and hookup :+1:t3: Hopefully they’ll ship fast haha


Just got my order in to good to pass up


Man! This personalized engraving stuff is so tempting. I almost got creative and ordered my remotes with “main bitch” on one and “side bitch” on the other one Dear lord :joy: