HTD 265-5M Belt, Where to buy?

I’m looking for HTD 265-5M Belts in Canada, the only option I have found is from enertion and the price is for 4 belts. Are there any other options out there?

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Thanks @Smorto.

1 belt plus cheapest shipping is $28 from V belt supply, but from enertion 4 belts are $30 shipped. Might just go with enertion.

Where did you find that number?

This is 5 bucks for one belt

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Any experience with those belts? They look a little thin. Don’t nail me if that’s how they are since I’ve never held a belt so I wouldn’t know.

Personally I haven’t bought from them though I have heard good reviews about them. Belts are relatively thin but I am not sure how to explain it :slight_smile:. Even so, I would say with such a low price there is no reason not to at least try it. Then if it doesn’t work we will know for the future. When my belt breaks this is the place I will be buying from.

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Thanks for the link, will definitely have to buy a pack from there.

For reference this is my Enertion belt. Looks about the same. If you order from there please post it here so we can see the quality.

You’re right it is 5 bucks for a belt, but shipping is $23 to Canada, so the total is $28 is what I meant.

I am currently using the belts from v belt and haven’t experienced anything difrent then the enertion belts, witch broke after around 300miles

Would shipping from Australia be any better? Just a thought.

EDIT. Just saw free shipping… this changes things.

Like I mentioned in the first post, its 30 shipped for 4 belts.

Yes, just noticed that :slight_smile:.

try aliexpress. I got 5 belts for my CGT for $20 shipped. I also got two belts from V-belt supply(i think 6 bucks shipping and like 7 bucks a belt) and the ones from V-belt supply seem thicker and stronger. Even the aliexpress belts have been pretty good for me.

6 dollars

Where are you in Can ?

Most big cities , you will be able to find locally.

Try contacting “Wajax Industrial Componants” they are all over Canada. Ask them where you can purchase HDT5 Belts.

They have a location just 15 minutes from me, I’ll give them a call today.

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Just received a quote from Wajax. Its 13.40 CAD per belt, but I ended up going with enertion belts because of the cost per belt and the fast shipping.

Thank you all for your suggestions!

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Enertion belts from Australia with shipping cost less ??

Currently with their sale it is free shipping.