HTD 5M 14T Pulley

Does anyone know where I can get a HTD 5m 14T pulley from. Looking for 8mm bore and 15mm belt width???

I have some in both steel and aluminum (pictured).

They come with set screws, but I’m currently out of kew-way stock.

$12.00 each, plus $2.60 shipping in the US.

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Hi , did you start selling those Pulleys??

I have the 14T motor pulleys picture, not the Kegel wheel pulleys yet. Still confirming details on the Kegel pulleys…

Ok …“” started selling a similar model also .

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Perfect I don’t need key way. 8mm bore tho right? How much would you ship to Canada for?

Yeah - 8mm bore. First Class to Canada is $9.50. Our paypal is: [email protected] Just specify how many pulleys and if aluminum, or steel, when you’re ready. Will ship same, or next day…

Would you have some of the Abec 11 wheel pulleys in the near future?

Thanks! Payment sent with note.

Shipping today!

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Not working on any Abec 11 solutions currently.

Hope you have a solution soon for Abecs

@SolidSurfer Received and working great thanks a bunch!


Great to hear, and thanks for the purchase!

@SolidSurfer Hey are you still selling those HTD5m pulleys? Looking for a 14T 15mm Pulley with 8mm bore diameter and key-way. Thanks!

Yeah, still have some - both aluminum and steel… : )

You don’t happen to have 18T’s do you?

No. Only 14T.

@SolidSurfer Hey just to confirm this pulley will work with

And it will be 14.60 total?

Yes, this pulley is for 8mm shafts.

Since that particular motor doesn’t have a key-way milled in it, you’re going to need to file a flat spot in the shaft to receive the set screw(s). You might also consider tapping the pulley for a larger set screw, as the provided set screws are quite small (shown on steel pulley in above photo).

$14.60 with shipping. Please specify if you’d like aluminum or steel.

PayPal: [email protected]