HTD5M 25mm 15 tooth pulley

Is there anyone that can make a couple of HTD5M 25 tooth pullies with 8mm bore for me?

25T is a non standard size… But custom tooth and bore…



.unless you mean wheel pulleys…if you mean wheel pulleys I need to know who too for some 48 or 50T press in abecs…

I’m stupid, I meant 15 tooth but 25mm long. Motor pulley, I wanna run 2 belts on each wheel. It at least thinking about it.


Just curious, why @mmaner ? Backup in case one breaks?

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dayum. 24mm belt?

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Oh just goto the 25mm belt section on beltingonline…

PS I’m running a 20mm belt on my next build…

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pretty sure jenso runs 20mm belts on one of his boards. the resistance must be INSANE

No real reason other than I can. I just want to see how loose I can run a 15mm and 9mm belt on the same wheel and still have good contact and no slippage.

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I looked at that, Mondo expensive to by 2 and have shipped to the US. I was hoping someone had some milled stock and could just cut me off 2 at 25mm.


Lol geez I was just thinking about 2*9mm on 20mm pulley

@mmaner btw 320-5-25 seems to be common on eBay and cheap

15t 25mm pulley

I don’t know how I didn’t find that. Thanks brudda, 2 ordered.

Metroboards run 18mm belts and they sell a pulley but I think it’s 36 tooth