Hub motor? Belt and pulley, direct drive help!

I understand dual hub motor and I get dual. Belt but what about direct drive motors without the belt can that work I do want a belt drive system but the noise sucks so was just looking for some advice my good friends I’ve read forums for hours checked Google been on YouTube but I’m drowning in conflicting info I was wanting to run 10s4p ,dual vesc, BMS and 190kv motors I need 20mph minimum at 12 miles minimum I weigh 190lb 6,2 I would greatly appreciate any info where I’m gonna go wrong and how 2 adapt belt drive a bit more silently thanks my good ppl

as far as noise goes, read up on FOC vs BLDC, FOC is pretty quiet. If you want torque you generally go with belt because the ability to play with gear reduction can get you a good balance of speed and torque.

the 10s4p and dual 190kv motorS will get you the 20mph and 12 mile range you seek, I tend to roughly calculate 5-6 miles per P group. Use to figure out what you would get.