Hub motor build: help me pick parts?

Considering a DIY dual hub motor build. I’d prefer to purchase something pre-built with a warranty or something made by a more experienced forum member. Fed up with dealing with belts - between the sandy boardwalks of San Diego and the extremely rocky streets of Wyoming (I’m nomadic), I think hubs are a much better fit for me.

What I’m thinking:

  • Carbon deck around 28-36". No kicktail. Simple, clean shape. Something more on the flat side.
  • Dual hub motors.
  • Top speed around 30MPH++. I prefer to cruise at high speeds as opposed to having insane hill climbing ability.
  • LONG RANGE. Prob a 10S4P. Maybe Enertion Spacecell 4 or purchasing a 360Wh pre-built battery/BMS off a forum member.
  • Wheels on the larger side. 90mm+ or even some AT tires would be dope if there are hubs that are geared for them.
  • Under $1,600. Is that even possible?
  • All black. I’d consider having a wheel of another color if it were of a much better quality than a black option. A little concerned about hubs being very harsh in addition to a stiff carbon deck and not wanting a lot of riser in order to keep it low…

Any wisdom you guys have is greatly appreciated. If you can link me to some parts, a complete or partial build for sale, or just have some advice that would be dope.

10s4p isnt exactly long range its pretty much standard range. I would upgrade to 10s5p.

But with hubs you need higher voltage. 12s is the standard for hubs, I would go 12s4p or 12s5p (big range)

Whatever way you decide to go, im your guy for batteries :slight_smile:

Dope. Thank you. I’ll have to see what deck options surface; deck size will likely determine whether 12s4p or 12s5p makes sense.

cool man :slight_smile: yea 12s5p is a pretty huge pack im not sure that any deck would fit it cleanly. My money is on 12s4p :slight_smile:

Do you know what the Evolve Carbon GT is using for a battery? Their site just says “42V”.

looks like a 36v (nominal) (42v max charge) Im not sure about AH. my guess is its a 10s5p

If you have a particular board in mind, I would be happy to press a hollow deck for you based on that deck. Not carbon fiber, but natural wood. Strong, a bit of flex, and everything integrates nicely into your deck. My current deck fits a 12s4p and quad VESC. I’m building a 12s2p shorty deck right now.

I would go with the carvon 2.5, I don’t own one yet, but In the near future that’s what I’m getting.

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I have the 2.5 with 90 and 97mm wheels. These things kick ass! The only way to go… I weigh 175 and these do everything I want (and I live in a hilly area). I really like my Landyachtz switchblade decks (36 and 40). My new deck is a Landyachtz switch eagle 40, just waiting on some 1’’ risers, should be pretty sweet.

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  • Carvon V2.5 $599
  • 90mm wheels, prob still get around 30MPH
  • 12s4p battery $$$? I’m guessing $400-500 if Enertion and DIY sell a 10s4p for $450
  • Deck: I don’t care what it’s made out of…@evoheyax could cut something…how much for a ~34", ballpark?
  • Enertion VESC 2x = $180 plus shipping…
  • Nano-X controller if it ever comes out = $50

= around $1,500 so far, assuming the deck is $220


  • ‘only’ 23MPH
  • quad hub motor
  • 30% grade hills
  • “22 mile range” which probably means 10-12 mile range
  • 17lbs
  • carbon and aluminum deck at only 34" which I love, easy to carry. plus the wheels extend past the deck acting as bumpers and allowing you to drag it with one set of trucks in your hand and the other rolling on the ground
  • remote doubles as handle
  • integrated lights
  • ACTON is an actual company, so they’ll provide a warranty and additional resale value over DIY
  • CONS: WILL PROBABLY END UP BEING VERY DIFFERENT FROM THE PROTOTYPE…could weigh more, they could cut the claimed range or hill grade capability, etc.

I’m about to throw a deposit down on this ACTON QU4TRO unless you guys can convince me otherwise. I know I could build a board with higher top speed and maybe better range, but I don’t think it could be done for $1,100 and with the fit and finish of a production product.

I created a new thread to discuss the ACTON QU4TRO

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So, you can sell a quad hub for $1,000? What battery and other components? Maybe @evoheyax could supply the deck for you. So, $1k plus the deck. I’d definitely want a wheel size larger than 83mm…just too many shitty roads where I’m always riding. It’s way too dangerous and mentally taxing to be scanning for cars AND cracks, rocks, trash…the all-terrain wheels are starting to make a ton of sense for somebody like myself who rides everywhere everyday. Just sucks that they’re fairly heavy and require appropriate gearing with hubs.

Acton says the QU4TRO has 99mm wheels. How do you know the board that went up Lombard had 83mm?! Thank you for your input.

My decks are between $150-$200, depending on the length. Long boards are $200 and cruisers are $150.

I can’t imagine what they are using to keep the price that low. 4wd is not cheap if your using high quality electronics. My current build was about $1800, and I got my motors at factory bulk prices.

These are a step in the right direction, but not quite it yet IMO. I think the quality will be lower than my standards at least.

Going back to a dual hub motor setup, what do you think that would run?

$600 for Carvon V2.5 $200 for longboard deck $180 for 2 VESCs $50 for remote $450 Spacecell 4 (10sp4) or buy a forum member’s home-built 12sp4 and an enclosure?

= ~$1,480

So, for $390 more than the ‘yet-to-even-exist’ Acton QU4TRO, I’d get:


  • considerably more range (guessing much larger battery and 2WD vs 4WD)
  • it could exist in the very near future…
  • more powerful? Carvon V2.5 says “2250W each” motor. i’m assuming that’s MAX and not continuos…we know the QU4TRO is supposed to be “1600W” which I’m assuming is continuous…not really sure how they compare.


  • more expensive
  • no integrated lights
  • less traction and presumably less braking force than 4wd

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Clearly if you want to ride it any time soon or for sure. Carvon v2.5 on 97mm like just showed up delivered today!! @LEVer rules!!