Hub motor buzzes and vibrates with Hall sensor connected

Generic Chinese hub motor and ESC… Was running fine until I messed with it…

Yes, it Seems to run OK with the Hall sensor disconnected, but just buzzes and vibrates with the Hall sensor disconnected.

This started today when I took out the ESC, unplugged everything from it, and then put it back together. Is it possible I screwed something up with a small spark or arc somewhere? First thing I did was disconnect the battery. BUT I forgot to press the power button afterwards to get the last bit out of the caps. Could that be it? :confused:


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I think I’ve narrowed it down to faulty ESC socket for the Hall sensor…

30s video With motor plugged into Hall sensor: with Hall sensor plugged in as normal

30s video With Hall sensor unplugged from ESC:With Hall sensor NOT plugged in… works kind of normal


  1. I removed the motor and grounded each of the three (blue, yellow, green), current wires two by two against each other and each time, continuity was verified by magnetic drag, so the wires are good

  2. I tried it on a dual motor ESC I have lying around for another build, and the motor works normally

So I think my ESC, or my ESC’s Hall sensor socket is bad



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Is that a genesis board?

Not that one. It’s branded as Blitzart. Near as I can tell, it’s made of standard generic speed controller, trucks and hub motors you can buy off Ali Express or eBay. So it might as well be any branding. For me though, I have been able to order parts from them in CA, their prices are as good as eBay or Ali, and they are very helpful and communicative and they don’t seem bothered that I am buying parts from them to modify their boards or build my own stuff, instead of buying whole new boards from them. Bailey over there is a great guy.

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