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Hub motor controller, needed or not?

Hi everyone,

i was woundering if I can connect electric bike hub motor or mid motor directly to my batteries, so when i hit switch on it goes on and when I hit off it completely stops giving power. No controller, is it possible and safe for those kind of small motors?


A brushless motor will always need a controller to work.

A regular DC motor can work by just connecting them to a battery, but it’s not recommended since you get no control of the power output, so it could become dangerous.

But it all depends on what you’ll be using it for.

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I was thinking using it for electric bike conversion. I found one 24V 250w mid motor with sprocket on it but i was not sure about that controller.

that could, thoretically, work without a controller i think.
but personally i wouldn’t do it.

you could always just hook it up to a 24v supply and see what happens.

but for riding i’d say use a controller for safety.

its possible with that motor… but I wouldnt recomend it… you would have 2 speeds… nothing and flat out!


That would be a jerky ride lol…

On/Off switch as a throttle…death machine

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I guess that controller would be more than desirable. Anyway there are hub motor sets that cost around 200-250$, its not worth of risking for that much money.

Just have the board in the shape of a bull… And we could call it the “bucking board”