Hub Motor Detection Successful but motors hum and don't spin on remote acceleration

Hi everyone!

So this is my first ever DIY build and I’m having some issues that I can’t find any info on


So I added xt60 connectors to hook up the battery and vesc powers on without a problem. Added MT30 connectors to connect vesc to hub motors (admittedly my soldering job could have been better on the mt30 connectors) and plugged the remote receiver into the vesc with the provided cable. So hopefully that’s enough background info (happy to provide anymore if needed just let me know what you need, I can’t upload any photos/videos atm as my phones a Pixel 2xl and google has bricked the cameras in most of them…)

Issue! After hooking it all up and plugging my vesc into my pc I went about “programming” it. Updated the firmware on both ports of the vesc, and then went into the motor setup wizard. Selected medium outrunner , put in the battery specs, selected direct drive and went into hub motor detection. Detection ran smoothly with 0 issues and I got the popup with all the motor specs. I then went to program the remote with the wizard, this is where problems start appearing… when it comes to the calibration section nothing happens, it doesn’t pick up the movement of the remote wheel or anything (this was tried on the master and the can and I did the onboard remote calibration so I know the wheel is operating just fine) from the remote, and instead when the wheel is moved it tries to power the wheels. Now this wouldn’t really be a problem if the wheels span how they are meant too, but when the wheel is set to accelerate forward the motors hum very loudly and vibrate a little but don’t spin how they are meant too… I did have it work very randomly once but when it did only one hub motor span while the other stayed perfectly still and didn’t even hum or anything. The internal remote settings are set correctly (I hope) the only thing I was confused on was the Pole Pairs (do I put 14 for a single wheel or 28 as I’m running dual motors)

But yeah any ideas on what could be wrong? Why doesn’t the setup wizard seem to detect my remote and allow me to set it up using that? Why are my motors spinning fine on motor detection but refuse to work when the remote is used?

Let me know anything else you guys need to help detect the issue and ill do my best to provide it! Thanks !

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Hello, and welcome on the forum!

What control mode did you set for the remote? PPM? It seems that the flipsky VX2 needs to be set on UART mode to work since it needs the infos of the VESC to display it on your remote leds.

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Need photo of inside the motor so we can see how many magnets. One motor per vesc. Dont combine

Yes, this is likely it.

I think it is best do disconnect the vx2 from uart port during motor detection as i have heard it can interfere.

Then afterwards you plug it in and setup. Make sure you have UART not PPM selected in app configuration.

i had this happen when i connected the phase wires in wrong order instead of color to color, also sometimes when the sensor was disconnected

Alright so!

Firstly sorry for disappearing, got incredibly busy with work/university and other things.

Secondly, so after manually setting the remote to UART mode (the input wizard isn’t allowing me to do a simple setup of UART mode), plus after discussing it with a friend who owns a electric scooter, we seem to have gotten it working. Main thing being is that I need to spin the wheels a little first before accelerating in order to get them to spin properly ( a sort of push start to system? After some research i learned that the LoudedxUnlimited boards need to be kick started to move so maybe its something in the design of their motors?)

So now is the next things I need help with :confused:

Now that things are spinning properly, I’ve noticed that on the scroll wheel when I accelerate I go from nothing to full acceleration in just a few millimetres of turning the wheel. I’m assuming this is because I haven’t calibrated the wheel on the vesc side of things? On the VX2 I’ve done the wheel calibration on its onboard system (min of 68, mid of 131, max 193) but have not input anything into my vesc settings as im not 100% sure how to manually… (sorry for being such a noob) Can anyone explain to me what I need to do next or provide a video link that can explain it?

Also now that the remote is working and in UART mode , and as mentioned nothing else has been set or done (literally all I did was change the drop down from PPM and UART to just UART) , what setting do i need to change next? I will try provide some screenshots tonight of what my current settings are.

Side note I emailed Unlimited and found out their motors are 14 pole pairs so I’ve set the VX2 to 14 pole pairs.