Hub motor monitoring thread

Hey guys,

New poster here. After foolishly building an E-bike (I’ve skated my whole life, never been big on bicycles), I realise this is where I should have been long ago. Now that I’m here, and researching motors for my first build, it seems I’ve missed the bus in terms of hub motors. However, there are a few options available for immediate purchase:

@torqueboards DIY kit

Apart from some Loctite application and truck fiddling these seem to be pretty good. 90mm 75kv or 130kv. 165USD each.

Maytech’s offering

Very few reviews. These are possibly the hubs dubious poster alextech was selling. 90mm 60kv $60USD each. They also have another hub motor, though the only difference seems to be in the wattage: 800 vs 450. Maytech’s website

@Hummie Steelhubs

@Hummie mentioned in a post somewhere that he’s had zero motor problems of the 140 he’s sold. I couldn’t find the Kv rating of his motors. Steel/aluminum $265USD, all steel $400USD (both sets of two hubs, two trucks and wheels).

While not a massive selection, it’s still something. However, it seems in the next few months a few people will have new models for those willing to wait:

@Hummie has some gnarly looking hubs in some threads floating around. I think he said they’re a few weeks away.

Carvon is now taking orders for their Speed Drive V4: a gnarly looking 110Kv direct drive that starts at $599USD.

I’m sure a lot of members already know all of this, but I’m hoping this thread can be updated by people who know more so people in my situation, looking for hubs, can make the right decision.

As for me, I’m contemplating DIY’s dual-hub kit. @UniqueSnowflakeN27 is about to set some up so I’m looking forward to his take. I need to sell the E-bike first, so I have some time to decide.



My hubs would have been here by now were it not for the damn Danes! :wink: They’ve been stuck in Copenhagen for 6 days now. But I’ll make sure to write down my first impressions and hopefully a review once my board is all done.

@NashNZ that website is very old and those were a version I was selling that matched the kegel shape but will be selling a new motor with a 12mm axle hanger and a much larger motor inside a bigger wheel which matches the abec11 centrax 83x79mm size shortly.

had to get the rotors made again though as there was a mistake.


Semi related… does anyone know the kv of Carvon’s v4 torque-drive hubs?

V4 speed drives are 110kv , v4 torque are going to be 85kv

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hm if they are 85, i might hold out for those instead.

Same. In the meantime I’m considering running the Maytech gauntlet, so I have a cheap ride until they come out. Has anyone heard anything of their performance? (The Maytech hubs)