HUB Motor Options EU?

Looking for EU Options for Hub motors guys. So without 4 weeks-backholding-at border-and 459394598€ customs duty. Is anyone selling a single or dual hub kit atm? I saw dual @Hummie kit. Other options? THX :monkey:

VI have an extra sets of Hummies Hubs here in Europe. Two hub motors 200 euros plus shipping

I also have lightly used V2 CarvON hub. Depending on your size these things can get upwards of 40kph. Carvon are the longest selling vendor of hub motors.

Two sets of 4 wheels - including a set of 90 mm ABEC Flywheels, two trucks, ceramic bearings, and motors mounted 400 euros plus shipping

I originally had ordered a set of Jacobs hubs but the slipping urathane worried me so I cancled that order.

Let me know if any of that interests you.

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Europe is a big hole in the market atm, would be amazing if any proffesional store like Enertion or Torque would start up based in Europe. I geuss @onloop also noticed it (europe supplier)

For hubs just buy Carvons, can’t get much better. Tax is normal, every product here got 21% tax. Import will just be a bit more.

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I’ve got a set of dual Hummies that I’m thinking about selling. They’re the 200kv version so for 6s systems. I’ve had over 25mph with them but I’m approaching 90 kilos and they build up heat if I’m a little over zealous with the throttle! Better for a lighter rider! I’m un the UK. They’re on paris trucks and look the business…

what kv are youre hummie hubs?

I believe 80 Kv, Thats what I asked for at least. Who can say though - i also ordered orange urathane but recieved purple.

Yah same problem here, 6s with 200kV got too hot. I´m lookin for 10s Hubs

Ben the 200kv I was disappointed in because I could see there isn’t much copper wound on the teeth, worse than the 90kv and much worse than the 80kv

I don’t want to sell any of those smaller motors any more. Too many complaints about heat. I’m getting other motors made that are based on the same design, which is a solid design, but instead of 80x56 they are 80x101 and 3x the power, with two huge bearings instead of one, sealed bearings , 100% magnet fill, and more copper, 90kv. If any of u bought motors from me I’ll give u the cheapest price I can otherwise 525 for two or 300 for one. Mounted and with a complete pair of Paris v2 trucks and 2 sets of the new 80duro nitrile car tire rubber

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Trazanhbk. If any of u don’t like them I’ll do what I can to get u these new motors as cheap as possible. Feel especially bad about the 200kv.

The motors were largely experimental. Trying to get as much power out of such small hub motors has its limit even if there were more copper. Rather not make any money off you guys and send u a single or set of the longer motors which now that results are in related to the power output I feel much better about selling these new bigger motors. When all is done I’ll likey be paying almost 235 per motor with these bigger motors (Including trucks and shipping and rubber) …ill sell them to anyone who got anything from me before for 250 each.

I really appriciate your development in motors! Keep up the good work. I think we have some awesome products at the moment and with people like you, we´ll be even more awesome in a bit of development time :slight_smile: I´d really like to buy some, but with the single Hub at 300 there is appr. an extra 100 for import and shipping. I´m trying to get a friend back to his host family in Philadelphia, that he´ll be able to bring some US goodies :smiley:

If u need a connection in Philadelphia my family lives all around there and my parents are just outside.

Haha ok, maybe I should consider comming to Philly by myself then :smiley: I think I come back to that, when my friend plans his US trip.

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Cheers @Hummie, I hear ya. I reckon these will still be good for a lighter rider. I’m 6"6’ too so catch any wind. I’d love to go with some of the new giant hubs, it’s the import that terrifying me. They hammered me last time. Its the risk you take with something experimental, I’ve got some of Jacobs hubs which I may try again when I get some vescs but the thane ain’t too good on them at higher speeds so they say.

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Do you still owe throes hubs? I’m finding some 12s dual hub for my build and I have no idea which to get in uk/Europe coz of the tax

yeah ! you’re right. check my project… well which is no more a project because the store is ready! happy riding.

I have sold 1set of hummies and 1set of carvon v2’s. I have one set of hummies originals that I haven’t used mounted with a pair of arsenal trucks with heat shrink at wire bases. I’d sell em for what I paid plus shipping if you’d like…Pm me

I’m getting two of Hummies monsters over christmas

Christmas is no good this year and they failed again making the motors. Sorry I was sure they’d get it done but the latest, two days ago, they told me they’ll try one more time. Surprising to me because I’ve done things on a lathe and this part isn’t too hard in my mind but they say with the length it’s losing the tolerances. They could just pin it with the back stock in my mind. Don’t understand.
If they fail again I’ll make sure it will be done still by someone and hopefully the few of you already invested will hold on.

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wish you the best Hummie; prototyping cost such a lot of money. It’s all about passion.

Jup, EU is such a vacuum atm, I do see eboards as new hype, but still as late as now I’m seeing 1WD belt driven clones popping up in shops, at pretty high prices. I also really like the clean look of standard longboard wheel sized motor, hell, I’d go for 4WD just for the gravel capabilities. If only there would be a drivearound from multiple ESCs