Hub motor power?

hello i was wondering if a single hub motor (this one(130kv one): diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-hub-motor-single/ )would be enough to climb hills like these:

Thanks for your help Tim from bern Switzerland

ps: hill has like a 10 to 20 percent climb max.

Single isn’t a good idea. Maybe double.

I got hub motors on my Inboard M1 and they are really not usefull for areas with a lot of hills. I haven’t measured the hills I get troubles with but it doesn’t take that much before it can’t handle it. Not sure if all hub motors are like that tho but my experience isn’t great with them. Looks like bels pulls a lot more. Now one motor failed (lasted like 15-20 battery cycles) on my board also and then it’s almost impossible to ride because it lacks force to push me with only one motor.

So are u suggesting a single belt motor?? Im only 70-80kg

A single belt motor can handle that. I have also seen a video that the inboard isn’t that good in hills, but it’s a beautifull board :wink:

Let’s put it this way…I have a carvon v2.5 85kv single at 12s FOC … i wouldn’t do it This might give you some more insight

That video shows it good Yes. For inboard i suspect it wont help with a better battery either as the motors get warm when riding only slightly uphill with a 90kg rider. It uses 12S1P 18650 if im not mistaken so it’s limited how much amp the motors can get.

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How do I get seperate speed control one for the left and one for the right back wheels

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sorry I don’t understand you.

Id get the vesc speed controller. axle or ollin brand have good reputation and warranty.