Hub Motor Rewinding, question about sourcing enameled motor wire

image I have an extra 90mm hub motor sitting around that I’d like to experiment rewinding. I’ve already read several days worth of information on motor theory and manufacture, but I’d like to get someone’s recommendation from here for a source for the motor wire, as its the only thing I don’t have yet.

I plan on using the same pattern and number of turns, but I’d like to go with a slightly thicker wire in order to increase the power handling.

The motor in question is a cheap Maxfind hub motor,

Its 24 stator teeth, 28 poles, wye configuration, and I think its wound LMK (actually now that I think about it, its probably ABC), but I’ll confirm this once I unwind it. I have not measured the existing wire thickness yet.

Anyone care to venture a guess on what wire I should order?