Hub Motor stutters and no torque

I think you won;t find a lot that bought them. I remember a dual hub motors build with similar size from like 2016 but also in that case was 8s. Probably worth it to try 10s but to me if you have to spend more money on it just get better motors and solve your problem.

My first buy was a similar hub (Maytech-Style, not genuine) dual setup, with 10s I made it to 28 km/h.

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I’m trying to build a minimum weight config, since I’m manly using it in an urban environment. Thats why I went for the 70mm. I think if I can get it to 25km/h I’d be pretty happy with it. Do you know if there are any better 70mm motors? How much is the weight difference actually?

Already have the batteries lying around, they are 6s though so I can go for 12s or nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all your helpful answers!

maytech hubs have a good motor so Ibelieve you have a good 70mm hub motor, just with it’s limit. At 12s if it doesn’t brake you should be able to reach 25kmh on flat good road. It also depends which vesc ar eyou using not all of them support 12s

If you want more torque for 70mm hubs. This one is a dual set up, cheap and will do the job. You can also pair them with a cheap ESC (if you use Liion cells) to stay low in cost and light. I always advice VESC though.