Hub Motor Wheel Noise

I have a Lycaon GR 2021 with cloudwheels. I have put over 600 miles on it and it now has a loud whirring or maybe a grinding noise coming from the rear motor containing wheels. I believe these to be 480 watt dual hub motors. I am unsure if the noise is coming from wheel bearings or a failing hub motor. I am also unsure of how to repair either of them. I have reached out to the company with no reply.

more than likely a wheel bearing. It may be worth pulling screws until you get to the bearing then replacing it. It should be a standard machine bearing with a size written on the side. If it still spins then it’s probably not a failing stator. I have seen a piece of magnet breakoff and wedge in the motor which caused the wheel to lock up completely. You won’t know until you start pulling screws. One thing is for sure, you should stop riding it until you either replace the hub motor or find and fix the source of the noise.

On the left is a standard skate bearing, on the right is a hub bearing I pulled from a meepo hub. I prefer hubs over pully systems for their efficiency and their bearing size.