Hub Motors? Monster Truck Wheels?

Hey I’m new to the community even thought I’ve been lurking for quite a while now, and I was wondering what would be a good set of hub motor(s), for an esk8 build (due to high maintenance of a belt set up). I was also wondering what are your thoughts on regular wheels opposed to AT wheels? Also would a chain set up be better for AT wheels? Oh and my purpose for a board would be mainly for cruising but I thought AT wheels good be useful for grass though.

Check out Carvon’s V3’s. Not out yet, but it looks like you’ll be able to swap between street and AT wheels once the AT wheels come out.

Where would I be able to see them?

He also has kickstarter that ended recently.

Do you know when it will be available???

all your infos should be somewhere here on the forum, simply use the searchbar :wink:

the only thing about good hub motors:

  • Carvon is building nice directdrive systems that work
  • Jacob (EMF) had some, but stopped producing them
  • Hummie had some problems and is currently developing new ones
  • Enertion is building some, but you could only get them in combination with their raptor board

So we need some more people building some nice hub systems :slight_smile:

Thank you! Also do you think this is an better option over belt drive system?

Thank You!