HUB MOTORS {SALE} $245 NEVER USED 90mm dual 6364 hub motors drive kit for electric skateboard longboard part + Dual motors longboard skateboard controller with remote ESC Substitute

I never used it I wanted to build a electric skateboard but never got the time for it. I ask $245 for Dual hub motors with esc and remote. Also separately available send my a message for more questions

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where are you located

are you trying to make profit?

Man… You can get this for like 120$ on eBay, 150$ with the esc and remote…

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$110 motors

$80 esc

$190 total you’re kinda gouging here dude

This is a diy forum… we all know what things are worth and how much we can get them for


I paid $290 for everything

i know now.

I’ll give you 140 plus shipping if you want to get some of your money back. I have parts for 6 boards I still have to build so this is very much not what I need, but I love esk8 and I have an addiction.

are those replaceable PU motors, if they are available i would be interested in just the motors

looks like the non-replaceable. Usually the replaceable Motors don’t have the screws near the black ring.