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Hub motors SOLD

Sorry, already sold .

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Why’s everyone selling their carvon stuff?

Not everyone is selling and I wouldn’t be either if I wasn’t 190lbs and living in hill country. These motors RULE on flat ground. There very fast and very smooth. There also very well built and durable. Just my TB Esc’s kept overheating when going up long steep hills.

It’s like deal o Rama

Man I need to get a paper route

Ya, I decided to lower the price and not include shipping.

Holy … Somebody is gonna wake up and see this and jump on it dang what a deal!

Yes, what a deal. I want to get these and make a 4wd setup with my other carvons. But I don’t have $400 right now. (unless you could wait a few weeks until I get paid).

How much ride time have they seen?

I’m really not sure. Didn’t keep track of that.

Payment sent :slight_smile:


Are you going to start a new build thread? I’m really curious to see what you put together next.

No, I’ve already converted my existing build

All the people with money woke up lol

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