Hub Motors vs Belt Systems - PART 2

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It is known in the Esk8 community that a hub motor system outperforms just about any belt system you throw at it. For example, look at the “World’s Best eSkateboard” from Huger (Figure 1). They use hub motors; therefore, hubs must be better than belts! Do you want more evidence? Since the ZBoard Pearl is “The longest running electric skateboard ever built” (Figure 2), then hubs are insanely efficient and will double if not triple the range you would get from belts.

Figure 1

Figure 2

A large issue with belt systems is the rolling resistance you get from the belt. Since hub motors are inside of the wheel, you get 0 resistance which allows you to greatly increase your top speed, acceleration, and range. Hub motors are built with simplicity in mind, which makes the manufacturing process much cheaper, and allows you to buy one for as little as $40! Also, you can push freely on a hub motor board rather than being forced to pick it up when you run out of juice.

Hub motors do not just have better performance, they also are harder to spot. In the Esk8 community, this is known as stealth. Stealth is extremely important since esk8’s are technically illegal in 49/50 states and most countries. Since the motor is inside the wheel, there is no maintenance required by the consumer. The most maintenance you would have to do is clean out the motor’s bearings twice a year.

A huge misconception with hub motors is that you get poor torque, especially at low speeds. This is FALSE. Hub motors are made specifically with this issue in mind, so their stator size is much larger, and the copper windings are wound for high torque. Most hub motor owners will find that their low-speed performance out-performs a belt system any day of the week.

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Well If I were grading this on fact alone it would fail…Top speed is the only proven performance benefit of hub motors. Torque, efficiency, and maintenance all point in Belts favor.


is this sarcasm, or just trolling?

Neither! Stop posting these bullshit threads about hub vs belt. Unless the OP is actually going to take the time to gather experience with both.

I was referring to the initial post, not you if that wasn’t clear. I’m on team belts myself. Also agreed on this thread being bullshit


Sorry. I’ll turn pale again

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@psychotiller @aponty

Please read the thread linked at the beggining of the post. This whole article is supposed to be false.

Don’t do drugs kids!

Did you read the post above? The whole point of this article is to be false.

Oh yeah! I saw your mom running a 36 tooth motor pulley with a 32 tooth wheel pulley blasting through Palm Springs on her way to FL. Pretty sure she was going faster than any hub build I have seen!


This thread is not required, already plenty on this topic.

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