Hub motors with a tire?

I want a hub motor with a very soft ‘tire’ like compound. Does it exist?

I want a hub motor, but I also want to be able to have some of the advantages of a pneumatic setup without actually having air in the tire…basically, I don’t want an off-road setup, I just want a wheel/tire compound that is suitable for rocky roads, riding over sticks and broken concrete slabs, etc. I know a large PU wheel could do most of that, but I also want something that is SOFT like a tire so it’s quiet and absorbs vibration. Best example I can think of is a car tire, minus the air inside.

Does it exist?

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@Hummie is working on it

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I Know @onloop was working on a Hub Motor Mountainboard thingy.

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I’ve seen the solid-foam-filled dolly tires at Harbor Freight which sounds more like what you’re talking about (no pneumatic tube). The issue with large polyurethane wheels is weight, so you either need to go with a large, lightweight rim with a urethane outer tire or go to something like:

Also, I found these pictures in the endless sphere facebook group. can’t find them now.