Hub motors with larger urethanes?

Kind of a rookie here but I’ve never understood why the Chinese companies don’t make hub motors with thicker urethane. For example, I have a WowGo 2S, amazing board for the price, but the thin urethane really puts a toll on ride quality, especially then there is a crack on the pavement, the back half jumps around everywhere.

If they used 110mm wheels instead of 90mm I can only assume that would drastically improve ride quality.

The only two reasons that I can think off that would make larger wheels unfeasible are lesser heat dissipation and lesser torque for acceleration/braking? For which they could possible reduce the kV of the motor and use a 12s setup to maintain top speed.

I believe someone made a 107mm flywheel

Meepo now has a successful 100mm hub

But still i don’t thunk 10 mm would make as much of a dofference

Better ride for sure but that would kill your torque. Hummies solution is a wider wheel for more thane and not so tall.

A large factor that I think is being forgotten is heat dissipation. If the motors get too hot, they fail. And hub motors are touchy enough as they are. More rubber acts as a tough insulation that pretty much prevents the same amounts of heat dissipation. Along with the fact hubs motors aren’t super torquey at large sizes, this means you will have radically decreased efficiency when riding and be prone to overheating more often. cough direct drive solves these problems cough so it can be done but there are simply better options.