Huge Blow Out CLEARANCE sale. Complete's, parts, Carvon Exo Preorder Best Offers Take It

So long story short I fell in love with esk8ing about a year ago and bought a lot of stuff planning on making custom boards like LHB. Kinda realized the reality of the situation(No money to be made all custom builders have day jobs.) So now I’m selling all my stuff going to list what I payed for this stuff and what I hope to get.

Best offer takes it. All of it must go

20181123_222051 !

20181123_221832 ! This board was my first build. Runs Great! Parts: TB 12s4p Panasonic cells 2 TB VESC 1 Mini Remote 2 TB 6355 motors Unik Motor Mounts on Genuine Caliber II trucks Unik 15mm Wheel Pulleys with Ollin Popcopa 90mm wheels ONLY ABOUT 10 Charge Cycles on this board. PLENTY of life left. **RETAIL: around 1100-1200 ** ASKING: 950 OBO


Meepo 1.5 unused with Globe Deck Perfect cheap deck swap project. RETAIL:500 ASKING: 330 Shipped OBO

20181123_222452 These go for 128 on the DIYeboard site. With motors and trucks they go for

ASKING:75 Shipped OBO for tires(Black and Orange) SOLD Tires(Green) trucks and motors20181123_222722

4 Brand new unused Graphene Lipo Batteries RETAIL: 113 ASKING: 80(each) OBO Shipped


TB 218 With an extended reverse motor mount attached. 2 6374 TB motors with less than 100 miles. (Comes with idler pulley mounting hardware)

TB Trucks and Mount: BEST OFFER TB Motors: 70 Each OBO 1 LEFT


This is the hardest stuff to let go. These are Carvon XL drives with about 1 mile on them. Only ever road them to test everything out. This is a whole Kit I had put together.

12s2p TB 30q Battery pack(less than 100 miles) 200 plus shipping SOLD Enertion Focbox: SOLD Mini Remote: 15 dollars plus shipping **CARVON XL DRIVES: 700 to start but best offer takes it. ** Abec 11 SuperFly’s almost brand new: 90 Shipped

20181123_233159 Fun little DIYeboard kit. Perfect for kids or light weight campus cruising. 220 Shipped


10s2p 30q battery pack from bestech 120 Shipped

I also have 2 Carvon Exo Preorders up for sale. I have already sold 2 and both have been delivered. I have talked with Jerry and these should be to you within a week or 2 of purchase. Both other boards where about 2 weeks delivery time. Exo: 950 OBO

EVERYTHING IS OR BEST OFFER it all has to go. I need to pay for school next semester and fix some things on my car. Message me for more details.


Joshua K.


Someone take those 107s before I do… I already have more wheels than i need…

I’ll take those 107 and mini remote.

If you ship to EU

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I will take your TB 218 trucks 1 6374 motor the mount and the 107s… To make your life easy with shipping :).

If you don’t mind paying shipping I will do that.

Send me a message with an offer and we can work out the details.

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already did :slight_smile:

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I’ll pay for it.

@epster sorry but the 107s are sold :wink: but if you really want them, I can let them go…

I’ll take mini remote in any case.

I would realllly like em :slight_smile: . Have to get them shipped to the Netherlands so would greatly appreciate it if you would let them go considering the extra shipping costs.

Ok, take them, maybe he could ship mini remote together with your stuff, and then you could ship it to me.

I am in Serbia… I dont know if that would be more or less expensive then shipping from USA to Serbia directly.

Enjoy those 107s

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Greatly appreciated. I think Shipping will be a ginormous pain in the ass to Serbia from the Netherlands let alone United States. Think the costs will be around 45$ for just the shipping. from the Netherlands to Serbia. Just a guess no experience with shipping to Serbia :slight_smile:

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How much is shipping for the hummie deck with enclosure to the Netherlands?

I’ll take it. :sweat_smile:

If you pay for shipping its all the same to me.

If he doesn’t take the hummie deck and psychotiller enclosure, I will. I’m in California.

Awww im interested in deck and enclosure too, if someone backs out i will take it for sure

That deck and enclosure is a steal.

How was that mile on the XLs?


If I read that correctly he also has some on preorder

That board is nice, what deck is that?

More pics? What deck is that?