Huge Garage Sale (EU) Focbox, Trucks, Decks, Batterys nearly everything

So lots of stuff to sale, I am more riding then building at the moment! All is located in Luxembourg (Europe) would prefer to send out larger packages. Paypal fee and postage is paid by buyer

I will list the items still available, when sold I will remove them:

-Focbox unity all new! 280E

-Maytech Vesc used 60E


-Nearly finished Board never used and all new (except battery was used before!!! 300€ new APS 6384s motor just great new 90mm enertion wheels new gold caliber trucks an hanger electric board solutions deck 10s3p battery DSC01743 DSC01744 DSC01745

-Enertion Spacecell (+cheap BMS for free) used 160E DSC01736

-Truck+motor mount+used up wheels 30E (very used but doing the job) DSC01739

-Raptor 2 Deck(new) and Battery lid (used) 130E DSC01742 DSC01748

Given for free when a larger package is bought broken maytech motor, new ikea lid DSC01756

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God damn i want a unity so bad but cannot justify paying for it because it i have 2 Working 4.12 Vescs at home.

Can I take the metr

Shipped to uk

Ok metr is sold to you

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Can I take the Focbox?

save the unity for me please. i am a bit stuck lol

How much for that? What is missing to complete the build? Just a remote?

How heavily battery was used? Still charges to full? Also, can a battery lid be bought separately from the deck? If yes, how much for battery lid alone?

It only does include the complete Hardwear you can see on the picture and a battery

You would need vesc, remote, higher risers, fixe the enclosure properly, charger and anti spark

300E should be correct

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A deck, vesc, motor and calibers are sold

The first post stays up to date of what is still available!

How much for the raptor deck and lid?

The focbox still available?

Is the motor still available?

Is the lid still available? Thx!

vesc available ?