Huge list of parts for sale, inc. Focbox, Motor mount, enclosure etc

Well, I’ve stripped my beloved board down and its all going up for sale. I’ve got another smaller 30 inch build I use more.

Caliber Trucks (White/Gold) - £40 for pair + Postage

GT2B rc remote and reciever - £18 + Postage (You can 3d print smaller case for this)

Full motor mount plus truck clamp from Alien Power Systems £25 + postage

Focbox - £100 + Postage

6473 Alien Power Systems 200Kv Motor, with pulley and keyway (worth £115) - £40 + Postage

Brand new SK3 150Kv 6374 motor, boxed - £45 + Postage

4 Flywheel style 90mm wheels - £15 + Postage

4 Slick Revolution 83mm wheels - £15 + Postage

Osprey deck (Stiff) + Fibreglass enclosure (Benclosures) with predrilled holes and hardware/gasket, including 10s LCD screen bonded in place - £50 + Postage

Alien Power Systems wheel pulley (Flywheel style)… outer ring missing and the part the ring screws to has broken bolts stuck in, HOWEVER, the pulley has stayed in place with zero issue. The outer ring is not needed. - £10 + postage

The total for everything listed if bought separately is £358. Obiously when bought new, it cost me way more than that.

If you pick one of the motors, and take everything else I’ll sell for £250 + postage and the belt is thrown in too. You basically only need a battery and some bearings. Enclosure is perfect for 10s4p size. The Focbox alone will sell for £100 in a heartbeat. If I can sell it all in one go it’d obviously be more preferable.

All items are used except for the SK3 motor. All work and will be sold as seen. Some parts obviously have some wear on them as they’ve come off a used build.

IDEALLY UK BUYERS due to postage costs likely ruining any bargains.

I have built another smaller 30inch eskate that I use more regularly and Im going to build an ebike with the funds I get from selling these parts.IMG_1987

I’ll take your 250 pound deal. Can you send me some pictures via pm

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If it doesn’t work out I’ll jump in on that deal. Thank you

In Bournemouth, could collect if you’re near :wink:


Such a good deal

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Hey @cliofreak, I need some wheels… If you still have some going?

How much would it be to ship the motor mount to Tampa, FL. 33624 USA?

Hi, Ive sold everything. The SK3 is awaiting invoice payment so if that falls through then it’ll be the only thing available.

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Cheapest SK3 postage I can find is £30.25 from N.Ireland to Florida. Thats a total of £75. I’d have thought Hobbyking would be cheaper than that!?

Sorry… ‘motor mount’ not motor! My bad. The motor mount is sold.

What about the motor? Still have it?

Wonder what shipping would be to Ashburn VA

All sold and shipped!!