Huge Sale. Abec 97’s, clones, trucks, decks, 5s lipos, evolve AT kit, etc

Ok I just completed my latest build and I am getting rid of all my old items. I figured I’d post everything on here before selling it all on eBay. Ok so I lost everything along with the condition and then a price. I will ship everything the following day on my lunch break. Trying to get rid of everything ASAP

Abec 11 97’s condition one wheel has small chip all others are perfect 7.5/10 - SOLD

Green abec clone 97’s, 9/10 - $15

Black abec clone 97’s - 8.5/10 - $15 will include abec 7 bearings in either clone

Evolve 83mm wheels - 9.5/10 $30

Tb on off for lipo or battery - like new 10/10 - $30

Tb lipo series connector with xt 60 and 4mm plugs - $10

Caliber II 10inch trucks with Pivots - SOLD (I stripped the clamp small bolt and can’t get it off so I can either ship it like that if you want or get it out somehow. )

Motor mount - SOLD

Decks - SOLD for the kill billy. Has black grip tape. 36”

$20 for the double kick tail 38”

SOLD for the black grip “38 small rail deck great for downhill. Check the video below of the old setup.

Lipo batteries with RC Lipo pouch. I have two 5s 5000mah Turnigy lipos. Both hold a full charge, there is some swelling but nothing wrong with there performance. Always balance charged and stored. Xt 60 plugs $30

Evolve AT kit… LITERALLY BRAND NEW WITH BOX. SOLD plus shipping

Let me know if you have any questions. I will not pay shipping so add that on top of all prices + PLUS Shipping.

I live in Orlando Florida so calculate the shipping from there.

I’d take the motor mount off your hands.

Dibs on the abecs

The mount comes with the truck attachment part?

Yes. I’d be willing to sell all that for $25 plus shipping.

Where are you from? Us probably, am I right? I am interested in the calibers, but I am from Europe and the shipping would probably cost arm and leg…

Dibs on the deck with black grip

And if @Lionpuncher doesnt want the mount ill take it

Actually, ill take the killbilly deck too

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It’s all yours. I’m hoping you live in the US. I’d do $75 for all that total plus shipping!

I got my hands on a sweet deal, I live in NY. How much do you think the shipping would cost?

It couldn’t be anything more than $10-20 depending on USPS or ups. I’m on orlando so it’s just straight up the east coast. I can ship tomorrow once I get the shipping price.

Trucks with motor mount still available?

Go to blue tomato, registet and get 10€ discount on any purchase. I bought my calibers for 40€ shipping included.


PMed you about batteries and wheels

Sold for the mount. I’ll pm you details of shipping.

Updated, the motor mount is sold with the trucks and 2 decks to the gentlemen above. If he doesn’t send the payment in the next 2 hours. I will open it back up because I already got a shipping price quoted for him on my way to work.

Ok. This is literally a case of snoozing and losing haha. Had dibsed the mount then feel asleep. Ya just let me know if things don’t happen. Will gladly take the mount off your hands.

I’m sorry man! But I did forget, I have a 18t pulley 12mm brand new from torque boards as well. Willing to sell lipo and series connectors with pouch for $40 everyone! Trying to get this all off my hands

I’m interested in the black 97mm clones. I’ll PM you.