Huger Tech Finally Delivers Something

After months of waiting for the Huger Tech Indiegogo campaign to deliver, I finally received the Travel board. The boards were delayed several months based on feedback from beta testers that required Huger to rework the boards. The final product still feels pretty beta to me. Here is a link to a video with my initial thoughts.

After such a long wait I am disappointed. The design seems flawed. Thinking about mounting their kit on a longboard deck instead. That might solve for the issues with their setup. The lights would not work on a different deck, but the rest of the setup might perform much better. Anyone else get one of these boards? Thoughts?


Looks just like everything else in the China market. People buying these boards seems like the very definition of insanity to me. Expecting different results from the same thing. Sorry that you wasted your hard earned money on something you could’ve built yourself at half the cost.


I bought the board to test it and review it. There are some unique qualities to Huger Tech’s design. The VESC can be app controlled to change the torque which is unique. The decks they are using are terrible. Way too stiff and too short. I don’t see this as being just like everything else out of China. It is different, but not better.

U mean Esc or is it really a Vesc they’re using?

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From what I can tell they are not using a VESC. They are using the same china ESC programmed to their specs. It’s exactly like everything else selling in China whether you like to believe that or not. Waste of time and money. We have proven this over and over here on the forums. :wink:

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thats a pretty horrible deck shape… :joy:

It is a very horrible deck shape and it is too stiff and has no concave. If I keep the board I will swap out the deck.

damn that thing sounds like a train going over the sidewalk cracks…

Here is a more in depth review.

lol @ this guy complaining that the thing has too much torque. He’s clearly never ridden a true high power board.

I think the problem more than anything is the size/shape of the board. My first board was a penny board and I thought it’d be awesome cause it’s portable, but in reality, it was so small that when I set it up to have comfortable acceleration and not put me off balance, it was too slow. And when I set it up with acceptably fast acceleration, it was too unstable.

I think small boards just don’t make good e-boards. I have yet to see/ride a decent board that was less than 30" long

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Transformed the lame Huger Tech travel boardinto something so much better. Deck swap to a pintail longboard made a huge difference. It was pretty easy to accomplish. The battery box fits nicely on the bottom of another deck. Lost the head and tail lights in the process, but at least now I have something that is fun to ride. Huger would be better served selling component kits than complete boards.

Quick question for you on this as I am looking to transfer my huger tech trucks/wheels/battery to either my Santa Cruz or one of my Sector 9 longboard decks since it is way too narrow and stiff of a deck for the height and wheel base. Speed wobbles are brutal and I ride stiff trucks, with a lot of experience on longboards and snowboards. Just got the huger racer so would like to know if there’s any wiring issues for the tail lights/head light? I’d prefer not to have them anyways, but didn’t know if I needed to clamp any wiring in the removal/install process. Also is yours still running, seen a ton of bad reviews on these things as far as life expectancy, and want to make sure I’m not drilling holes in good decks if it’s gonna s*** out on me soon. If it wasn’t only $200 I woulda gone with a better board, but seemed like a solid deal if I can get at least a few years out of it. Thanks for any advise, :call_me_hand:t3: