Hummie deck | 6345 Flipsky motors | Flipsky 4.20 Dual VESC | 10s6p | Psychotiller enclosure | Roughstuff 110mm wheels

Hey guys, just finished up on my new build but still waiting for my hummie deck. I was trying out my board for a bit and noticed something really annoying in throttling.

When full blasting the throttle, my board refuses to accelerate or decelerate. Anyone know what the issue might be? I am runnign BLDC unsensored.

more info please

Sorry misclicked to begin with, had to re-edit it all. Let me know if u need to know more… I think I should open it up and check the logs maybe :confused:

could have a sticky transmitter pot…? check in bldc tool to see the green bar. is the throttle staying up when you floor and let go it or does it come down when you let go and the motor keeps spinning?

Ill have to check… also my BMS is always warm/hot sometimes even when my board is off, I am running this set up bypassing discharge as well. Really not sure what’s going on with it

can you upload some pics of the wiring

image For the BMS

Minus that last black balance wire.

So on bldc tool, the green bar stays at zero and as soon as I do the 0-100 there is a flash fault of ABS-over-current… Forgot how to fix this one…

try lowering the erpm?

If your bms is hot when not riding and switched off then disconnect your battery immediately and check your wiring. Somethings wrong and could lead to thermal runway.

Sounds similar to others issue on the flipsky 4.2 dual. But they had this issue on 12s, no one reported in on 10s yet.

So you can get this over current error just on the bench, or is that a log from ridding it under real load?

by “I do the 0-100” you mean mashing the throttle from zero to full?

Yes from 0 to full within an instant, working on a fix and I will check if it’s just a small programming issue or something else. Will def update on it.

@dareno My balance leads were wired the wrong way. Have to redo the crimped pins on my balance lead housing. Simple fix!

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The over current error happens only if I 0-100 (punching the gas) and it then doesn’t accelerate, but makes it idle until I’ve reset the throttle to the centre.

It flashes for a second on the faults when reading real time data but doesn’t fall under the actual faults log

What are your bldc settings?

@Flashgod224 the negative to your load should come from p-. edit: nvm just saw its bypass.

My bldc settings are 45 -40 30 -18

Can you send some pics of the build?

@dougpage I dyed my flywheels black now, Also I am upgrading to a FocBox Unity and going to make my firefly remote image image image image image image

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Hey how are those flipsky motors treating you, looking to get some, but not sure if they are good or not